Gilead Alpacas



 LIFESTYLE BLOCK FOR SALE: 10.5 acres of flat, picturesque land with plenty of trees for shelter/shade/firewood.  2 dwellings plus sleepout, garage, haybarn and stables, pens and race.

The main house has a huge master bedroom with ensuite upstairs plus 2 b/rooms and bathroom downstairs with open plan living.  A semi self-contained flat is attached to one end of the house with both internal & external access.  The 2nd house is a 3 bedroom 1970s well maintained home with open plan living, 1 bathroom plus deck. This could be a potential holiday-let, rental or as a home for extended family/elderly parents. 

Contact: Marg on (027) 564-2834 or email: (no Open Homes or Agents please).

PROPERTY SOLD all animals up for sale need to be shifted before early August.  please make an offer.


ALPACAS: Check out our monthly "specials" of stud males and breeding females - some excellent bargains to be had. Most cheaper animals have been sold, so the higher quality ones are left.  Contact Heather E: or phone (06) 329-7730 and I'm happy to negotiate, possibly add a free mating and/or free transport.


  • They're unique and beautiful
  • They're quiet and communicate with a gentle humming sound.
  • They don't "pug up" your pastures as much as other stock in bad weather because they have ‘camels feet' - pads with two toenails, not hooves
  • They don't get dags and therefore flystrike as they have neat short tails right from birth, and have clean toileting habits
  • They have strong "family" instincts
  • They reward you by developing individual and interesting personalities
  • They reward you with so much enjoyment and many laughs at their antics and interactions.
  • They reward you with beautiful cria (babies)
  • They reward you with exquisite fleece
  • Most alpaca owners - if they're honest,
    bought their first alpacas because of the eyelashes!

There are many reasons "why alpacas" and as you journey through our website, becoming more acquainted with our animals and services, you will learn new things. Enjoy the photos/stories, laugh at some of what is revealed and we anticipate you'll be glad you stopped by to check us out.

We are also the proud breeders of black male TWINS, a rare occurance. They're 4 years old and still smaller than the stud males they keep company with, but are really robust. Tiny Tim (Timmy) who started out at just 2.8kg remains very small for his age (about the size of a 6 month old), but has no fear of bigger males and is quite cheeky with larger, younger studs!  DNA tests have revealed Timmy has also sired a cria - how, we're not sure but he's very pleased with himself!!!!! Tahi his slightly bigger brother (starting at 5.5kg) has grown out a little better, now the size of a yearling, and he doesn't annoy the others to the same extent!! 

WARNING: These creatures are addictive and should be viewed with great caution!

SO.... You're thinking about buying alpacas - here are some questions you might like to mull over:

  • Pets for fleece or the 'cute' factor - or breeding females?
  • If breeding - just for yourself or for sale eventually?
  • If breeding animals to sell will you aim at the pet market, new beginners or serious breeders?
  • Wanting to work with fleeces & get into the craft side?
  • Do you have any particular colour preferences? White & light fawn are more commercially viable but spinners & craftspeople often love the colours.
  • What portion of the price continuum / quality will your budget allow?
  • How well suited is your lifestyle block / farm? Do you need someone to come and have a look and advise?  We're more than happy to offer assistance of any kind to help you get started.